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I Help Build Dreams. Helping Others To Live The Life of Freedom By Being Successful With MLM.

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Thanks to Mike Clarke I have discovered the power of, and come to love, the business of network distribution.  His understanding of compensation and his business and marketing savvy have helped me consistently grow my business to a level I would have otherwise been unable.  Mike exemplifies what it means to be a servant leader and is an excellent team player which is balanced well with with a rock solid business acumen, hard work ethic and exceptional drive.  I’ve also enjoyed his humility and commitment to personal development which has made him a real pleasure to work with.  He embodies what it means to be dynamic and entrepreneurial and it has been my very good fortune to have been able to spend the last 2 1/2 years working closely with him.

Andrew CouzensProfessional Trainer and Nutritional Coach

Mike is a fine gentleman and I love to work  with him. He is one professional everyone will like to work with. What really struck me while working with him was his honesty. Mike never says what he doesn’t mean. If he says he’ll do it, you can as well take that to the bank because he will. Though I can be  difficult  at times, Mr Mike won me over with his patience. He was in Canada and I in Nigeria yet Mike made it feel like we were in the same country, readily available whenever needed. He went the extra mile of investing his personal resources to make my job easier. I learned persistence and dedication from him. When I finally met him at Salt Lake city, Utah, I knew immediately this was one relationship I intended to keep. I strongly believe that knowing Mike Clarke has contributed immensely to my success story as a Network Marketer.

Asi Emmanuel Ekanem

my name is Candice Smiley.  I have known Mike for about four years, and in that time has shown himself to be an incredible student of life and learning. He has shown his integrity, his commitment and his passion. He is grounded, focused, and incredible father and team later.  He puts his family first, adores his wife, and is one of the few men who leads with both strength and gentleness. It’s a honour to call him both business partner, and friend.

Candice SmileyProfessional Marketer

Even in an industry dominated by people who help other people succeed, Mike Clarke stands out as a leader whose generosity and support know no bounds. I’ve seen many a dedicated leader in my almost 18 years in network marketing but my experience working with Mike Clarke has been unparalleled. No matter where in the world he is, he makes time for his team and doesn’t let up on the support and coaching, addressing any question one may have about Zija products or the business opportunity. Mike has developed sizeable teams in traditionally tough markets through sheer determination and dedication. No task is impossible for Mike. His incredible self belief and belief in people make him a joy to work with and learn from.



What Has Made Mike a Successful Marketer

I’ve always been fortunate to love what I did for work, as life moved forward with family and other responsibilities I was looking for more than that. I bought into a local brick and mortar business thinking this was the perfect career path; retirement plan, time freedom, income opportunity and still in a field that I loved. After 3 years of high stress and a partnership that didn’t work, I was on the search again. A close friend that had been extremely successful in life approached me about an opportunity. I’ve always believed that if you want success in life look to successful people. I jumped on the opportunity and have never looked back.

There have been lots of ups and downs but I’ve found the life balance that I always looked for.Time Freedom, lot’s of income and the ability to work from wherever Id like. I have a team in 7 countries, with thousands of distributors and have built so many meaningful relationships through the business. I feel blessed to be part of this industry and look to help others achieve the same success by giving back what I have learned from top marketers that has made me very successful. Join me as I work with you one on one to help you to attain the same lifestyle freedom I have found with my own path.